Cookies Policy

​​This Cookies Policy is intended to outline the privacy practices of Apsley Healthcare for users of the websites served by Apsley Healthcare, accessible via

Our Approach to Privacy

Apsley Healthcare and its administrators are committed to safeguarding the privacy of users during their interaction with our websites. We adhere to all relevant UK national laws governing user privacy.

Cookie Usage

To enhance user experience, our website utilises cookies. Users have the option to allow or disallow cookie usage through a cookie control system upon their initial visit. This compliance aligns with recent legislation mandating explicit user consent for cookie usage.

Cookies are small files stored on users' computer hard drives, tracking and storing information about their interactions and usage of the website. This enables us to tailor user experiences accordingly.

Users can manage cookie preferences through their web browser's security settings to block cookies from our website and associated vendors.

Tracking Software

We employ tracking software provided by Google Analytics to monitor visitor engagement and usage patterns. This software utilizes cookies to track and analyze website usage but does not collect personal information.

External vendors may also store cookies on users' devices for conversion and referral tracking, without storing personal information.

Cross-Border Data Transfers

Personal information may be stored, processed, and transferred between Apsley Healthcare, its affiliates, and third-party service providers in various countries, including the United States. We implement measures to ensure the protection and security of transferred personal information.

Securing Personal Information

Apsley Healthcare employs technical and organisational measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, misuse, or alteration of personal information.

Contact and Communication

User discretion is advised when providing personal details via contact forms, with assurance that such information is securely stored and used solely for relevant purposes. Users may receive further information about our products/services or assistance with queries, provided they have given explicit consent.

Email Newsletter

Our website operates an email newsletter program, allowing users to subscribe at their discretion. Subscriptions adhere to UK Spam Laws, with personal details securely held and not shared with third parties. Subscribers can opt out at any time.

External Links and Adverts

While external links and sponsored adverts may be featured on our website, users are encouraged to exercise caution, as we cannot guarantee the contents of externally linked websites. Clicking on external links is at users' own risk.

Job Applications

Applicants consenting to be contacted via email for job-related communication also agree to receive general communications from Apsley Healthcare. Personal details are solely used for these purposes and not shared with third parties.

Social Media Platforms

Users engaging with our social media platforms should exercise caution regarding their privacy and personal details. We advise contacting us via primary communication channels for sensitive discussions. Social sharing buttons are used at users' discretion.

Telephone Records and Intercom Services

Telephone conversations may be recorded for quality and training purposes. Additionally, we utilise Vonage services for analytics and communication, ensuring user privacy through compliance with privacy policies. For more information on Vonage's use of cookies, please visit

Shortened Links in Social Media

Users should exercise caution when clicking shortened URLs shared via our social media accounts, as we cannot be held liable for damages caused by visiting such links.

For further information or to opt out of specific services, users are encouraged to contact us directly.