Learning Disabilities and Mental Health Support

Helping Others, Growing Your Career

Working with learning disabilities and mental health is more than a job. It's about making life better for others and growing yourself. We've got jobs for people ready to make a difference.

Why Work With Us?

If you're looking to work in learning disabilities or mental health support, we have opportunities that need your help. It's not just about a job; it's about improving a day for someone who needs it. Every task you do here matters, from helping someone learn a new skill to being there to listen. We offer roles in different settings, so you can find a place where you fit best, whether in a busy centre or a quiet home. 

Plus, you'll grow with us. As you learn and improve at your job, you'll see the difference you make in people's lives. 

Let's start making a positive change together.

Apsley Carer
Join Our Caring Team

Places supporting individuals with learning disabilities and mental health challenges always need great people. We’re looking for:

  • Caring People
    If you genuinely care and have the patience to support others, you're needed here.

  • Skilled Nurses and Therapists
    Your expertise is invaluable for those facing daily challenges.

  • Creative Carers
    If you think differently, you can help change lives.

Apsley Carer with client

Are you an Agency Who Needs Staff?

If your agency needs staff to support individuals with learning disabilities and mental health issues, we're here to help. Get in touch, and let's work together to find the caring, skilled professionals you're looking for.